love in the north

love in the north

A bit about us:

Hello! We’re lu and elyse. We met online, had our first date at a brewery, fell in love at a soccer game, and got married exactly one year after our first date.  We bought a 1970s colonial in all its original glory: faux wood paneling, avocado toilets, and a shoebox-sized kitchen. We’re renovating it to be the forever home of our dreams, and we’re going to do all the work ourselves.

Why we chose the name:

Our blog is called Home in the North for two reasons: location and nerdiness. Our home is in the northern section of the suburb we live in, and the name of our neighborhood has ‘north’ in it. The more awesome reason is because we love Game of Thrones, and Lu frequently shouts “King in the North!” in honor of the one true king in the North.