Owner’s suite bathroom: check!

Hello again! The house is still coming along, bit by bit. We enjoyed our summer so much – we camped Yellowstone with my siblings, tailgated a Bears game, had a few great weekends up at Lake Geneva, hung out in Chicago, went strawberry picking, and took an awesome vacation to the Smoky Mountains. It was infinitely better than last summer, when all of our time was spent tearing up and rebuilding the house.

As summer has been winding down, we’ve starting working on the house a little more. We finished a big part of the kitchen and did a ton of landscaping in front of the house, and I’ll share that progress in a future post. Today, we FINALLY finished our owner’s suite bathroom. It is so exciting because it was a big spot that made us feel like the house was really far from being “done.” It’s funny because that bathroom was literally the first thing that we demoed – and it’s the last big thing to finish.

Here’s what the bathroom looked like on Reno Day 1:


A while later, I ripped up the ugly green/gold/brown floor tile…

IMG_1051      IMG_1062

And then I demolished the shower tile.

IMG_7298     IMG_7304

A year and a half later, this bathroom has finally been put back together again. Here’s what it looks like as of today!

We moved our stuff in, and we can’t wait to shower in there tonight! It’s been a long road to this bathroom, but it looks great. Many thanks to Cullom for the perfect floor and shower tile work, including the marble-shelved niche that I love, and for installing the shower doors. Lu, Mike, and Dadalino installed the vanity and sinks (after the countertop sat on our bedroom floor for about 9 months). Benj hooked us up with the electrical. Lu installed the trim, toilet, lights, and towel bars. Thank you all so much for all the work you did, on this little room and on the rest of the house!


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