House Tour 2015 and 2016

The process of buying our house took a long time. Since it was a foreclosure owned by the bank, they took their sweet time getting us the keys. After our initial viewing and winning the bidding war, our awesome realtor Karen Gold took us back to the house so we could have a second look around. Lu took a video of the house that day so that we could remember what it looked like and start planning our renovations.

We recently watched that video again, and we were amazed at how different it is just a little over a year later! We decided to make a new video, and put the two side by side to show the difference and all our progress.

In the new video, you’ll see little hints of what we’ve been working on – the master bathroom and the basement are still works-in-progress, but we’re getting close! Our to-do list has gone from 4 pages long to half a page. Here are the two videos. The top one is both videos side by side – if that’s a little overwhelming, we’ve posted each one separately as well. Enjoy!

2015-2016 Side-By-Side Comparison:

2015 Video:

2016 Video:



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