Starting the basement

Yesterday, we went to the Windy City BrewHaha for the third year in a row with Laura and Mike. We had a great time, and it was a welcome break from the mess that is our house. Today we were ready to work on tackling the basement! To be honest, I didn’t think we were going to do anything to the basement for the next 3-5 years. However, we came down here a few weeks ago and started daydreaming and getting inspired, and then suddenly Lu was all ready to get to work again, soooo…

We started doing a little bit each night this week. Before we began, it looked pretty horrifying…

imageimageimageimageHere’s a little bit of progress made…


We saved the cabinets and laminate countertops from when we demoed the kitchen and installed them for a workbench in the area of the basement that we are going to leave unfinished. We also installed one of the upper cabinets (the rest are going in the garage). Domenic came over and cut out a hole in our countertop to leave space for the support pole. 
We left a little spot between the base cabinets so that Lu can sit on a stool and, as he put it, “take things apart.”

Looks pretty good for being the repurposed remains of a 44 year old kitchen!

And we took another one of the base cabinets and the rest of the leftover countertop and placed it next to the washer and dryer (across from the workbench). It’ll be a great spot to store detergent and fold clothes. It’s definitely not an adorable, pinteresty laundry room, but it works and all it cost us was 1 tube of Liquid Nails!

We’re going to keep working on the basement in the next few weeks. Next up, we’ll go through all the tools and stuff and get them organized in the workbench area. Then we’ll take all the stuff we’re currently storing in the basement and bring it all into this laundry/workbench area. Then we can get some drywall and seal the concrete floors!


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