Closets and pantries

I feel like all we’ve done for the past month is paint doors. I painted four closet doors for our bedrooms, and left a little surprise on the inside of one of the doors…it’s a play on our initials, L & E:

We had a little party at our place to celebrate my coworker’s bachelorette! It was so fun having everyone over. Congrats to the beautiful bride!

Cully came down and installed our pantry doors! Lu’s first opinion was that they make our kitchen looks smaller, haha! We mostly just installed them because having holes in the drywall has been driving Domenic crazy for the past 6 months. (You’re welcome, Dadalino!) Here they are just after he put them in:

 Yes, back to the wonderful painter’s tape handles…

Getting a few coats of paint on them…

And the beautiful finished product! Well, almost finished. We still have to fill and paint the nail holes in the trim and build shelving inside the pantry and the broom closet.

Lu headed up into the attic to kick around some insulation and had a pretty miserable time.  You can’t see his face, but it’s a combination of sweat, fear of falling through the ceiling, and claustrophobia. He was re-insulating the master bathroom. We demoed most of the drywall and ceiling in that bathroom a few months ago, and since we are working on it now, it has been hella cold. After Lu returned the insulation above the bathroom, it’s nice and cozy again. Except for the fact that there’s still no floor. That’s not too cozy.

We took our front hall closet from this…

To this! It’s so exciting to start doing the little things that make our house become a functional home 🙂 


And I changed my closet from this mess… 

To this! I plan to stain the boards and install them properly when it gets warmer outside. 
This closet goes so far back there! These are almost 8 foot long boards.

Next up, working on the master bathroom! Cullom’s doing it all. We just play with shower handle plates.


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