One year ago today…

Lu and I saw our house for the first time! We drove up to Lake Geneva on a Friday night, and saw the listing on our ride up. The next day, we went to the winter fest in Lake Geneva and jumped on the frozen lake for a while…


And left Lake Geneva much earlier than planned so we could meet up with our awesome realtor, Karen, and Lu’s parents to see the house. I remember walking in and running straight to the dining room. When Lu and I saw that the dining room was right next to the kitchen, we got SO EXCITED. We were hoping that there was some space next to the kitchen so we could blow out the wall and make ourselves a big huge kitchen. It was exactly what we were hoping for. I remember telling Karen, “I want this house. How much should we bid to make sure we get it?” There were so many other people looking at the house and we were so scared that we would be outbid.

On the way out, Lu took this picture of the tree in our front yard:


Happy anniversary of the first time we met, house! We love you so much more now! You’ve come a long way in the past year…

We saw these 9 blurry pictures on the real estate posting and had no idea what part of the house most of them were –

  1. Outside of the house
  2. Kitchen
  3. Master bedroom
  4. Upstairs hall bathroom
  5. Eating area adjacent to the kitchen
  6. Family room with horrible wood paneling
  7. Half bathroom on the first floor
  8. One of the bedrooms
  9. Basement (This is the only room that looks worse today than it did a year ago!)

Ok that was fun, now we’re off to paint some closet doors…


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