Garage! Kitchen handles! Trench!!!

We’ve been thoroughly enjoying living in the house, and we’ve been taking the renovation a little slower now. My brother came down an installed our kitchen handles so we were finally able to move in to the kitchen. As stylish as our makeshift painter’s tape handles were, I was not sad to see them go…


Mom came over and helped us put away all of our stuff! And there was a lot of stuff to put away…thankfully, we have a bunch of cabinets!

Not sure if we have enough drawers for utensils…

Loving how nicely everything fits in here…and a whole cabinet just for Tupperware!


Cullom also put up our entry closet doors. When we moved in, there were louvered doors here that we decided to replace.

Then we celebrated Lu’s birthday and our first anniversary!


Over several weekends and weeknights, Lu dug this trench like a rock star. Our sump pump used to empty into our neighbor’s yard – turning their backyard into an ice rink every winter. So Lu dug a long trench and buried the tube. He also did a lot of thinking to figure out how to do all this awfulness. And much of the work was done by lamplight, thanks to daylight savings time.

image   image

image    image


This weekend, we finally tackled the garage. We have been piling all our construction materials in here for the past 7 months, and it was full of wood – up to the ceiling and over to the door. After a few days of scraping the ice off our cars in the morning, we felt extra motivated to empty it out! Here’s the horrifying before:


Making progress…. image

And it’s empty!    YAYYY!!!!!   image

We put all our stuff back in, and it looks so nice and clean!


And Lu put up a shade in the garage
(it was originally in the dining room when we bought the house)

   image   image

We currently have a few Bagsters (huge bags that are like dumpsters that the waste management company comes to pick up) in our driveway. They’ll be picked up some time this week, and then we’ll finally be able to park in our garage for the first time ever!


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